Hi!  We’re Michael and Jamie Badial.

We help positive dog trainers to start and grow their dog training business successfully.

Let’s face it, most dog trainers didn’t set out to be entrepreneurs and the thought of running a business can be overwhelming at times! And lonely.

We’re here to help cut through the confusion, create clarity and help you to work efficiently so that you can spend more time doing what you love and less time feeling lost.

We will help you:

  • create & achieve goals to keep your business moving forward
  • develop profitable programs to deliver outstanding results to clients
  • craft effective marketing & sales messaging to gain more ideal clients
  • implement processes and procedures so your business runs smoothly

How we can help you in your business… 

Trainers’ Growth Group is made up of real, practical business advice from successful dog trainers & business owners who have tried it all, failed and learned how to make it work.

Formed by a group of skilled dog trainers and savvy small business owners, Trainers Growth Group is equal parts business and accountability because working for yourself doesn’t have to be hard and lonely!

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Asking for the sale can be scary and feel awkward but it is a necessary part of being in business.

If we aren’t paid well for our services, then we are left feeling overwhelmed and underappreciated.

With our Confident Sales System, you can learn how to overcome overwhelm and be excited to talk with prospective clients about your service!

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Imagine getting THREE months of work done in THREE days.

Imagine doing that alongside a small group of dedicated dog trainers, all looking to build their business — with personalized help from industry experts! 

Well, you don’t have to imagine it, this can be YOUR reality by joining us for Trainer’s Business Growth Weekend.

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