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If you’re like most dog trainers, you got thrown into entrepreneurship not because of your love of marketing, client communication, customer service or managing finances but because of your passion for helping dog owners to live happily and harmoniously with their pets.

You decided to fuel the fire in your soul and jump in as a small business owner offering your guidance and skills to improve human-dog relationships the world over! Go you!

But, what you found along the way is that this thing called entrepreneurship is hard. Owning a business isn’t intuitive and you aren’t sure if your prices are right, if you have the right contracts and forms or even how best to get your name out there.

Trainers Growth Group is here for you!

Stop weeding through questionable advice in free Facebook groups!

Trainers Growth Group is made up of real, practical business advice from successful dog trainers & business owners who have tried it all, failed and learned how to make it work. 

Formed by a group of skilled dog trainers and savvy small business owners, Trainers Growth Group is equal parts business and accountability because working for yourself doesn’t have to be hard and lonely!

What is Trainers Growth Group?

A community of like-minded dog trainers committed to achievement.

Hosted in a private Facebook group, Trainers Growth Group provides a safe environment to learn and grow your business.

In addition the encouragement and support you’ll receive from your fellow members, our TGG admin team are available for daily access and help.

Who is hosting this thing?

A long time dream of Michael and Jamie Badial, Trainers Growth Group has been years in the making.

Michael and Jamie have a wonderfully successful dog training business in Bucks County, PA that they grew to a 6 figure income in under four years with no facility or staff.  In fact, for the first 5 years of the business, Michael and Jamie worked together on every client.

Because Michael and Jamie knew that they couldn’t be everything for everyone, they invited carefully selected TGG Admins to support the project. 

Each admin brings a strength to the group that helps us provide you with the best support possible.

You can read more about the Admin team behind Trainers Growth Group here.

How does the group work?

First and foremost, this group is built to stop the never-ending cycle of consuming more and more content without any action plan to put it to work.

We will provide you with a clear goal-setting framework and accountability structure to have this be your most productive quarter yet.  No matter where you are in your business.

Bi-weekly Zooms calls will provide opportunities for personalized feedback on your business, processes, projects or even a particular case you are working on.

Recorded and Live webinar presentations will fill the gaps on your business, marketing and client management knowledge to propel your business forward and help you to use your time efficiently.

Quarterly planning sessions done via a LIVE zoom call will give you the structure you need to start this quarter off with the structure, clarity and confidence you need to reach your business goals.


  • Goal Setting Webinar & Weekly Prompts
  • Email Check-ins for motivation & accountability
  • Quarterly Business & Goal Planning Session
  • Bi-Weekly Coaching Calls
  • Monthly Social Media Content Calendar
  • Recorded and Live webinars on business, productivity and processes 
  • Personalized advice from TGG Founders & Admins
  • BONUS!  Live “hot seat” business eval and strategy session
  • BONUS!  Live “hot seat” website or social media review

I now have enough business to fill 2 schedules, my own and my employee. The monthly and weekly goals helped to keep me on the path to reach the bigger goals for my business and keep me focused on the things that actually matter and not the things that i think i should be doing.

 — Crystal P.

I love TGG and am benefitting greatly from participating in it. Being part of a positive and supportive group has made it easier for me to do somethings that I struggled with on the past.

— Sarah L. 

I’ve seen an increase in traffic to my website and Facebook page due to the changes I have made as a result of the education and input from TGG.

— Jean K. 

I have doubled my training income since joining. It’s given me the vision I needed to make it work and grow.

— Jessica G. 

When does TGG start?

Enrollment for Trainers Growth Group opens on Friday, July 26th and will remain open through Friday, August 2nd at 8pm Eastern Time. 

The group kicks off on Monday, August 5th and continues through Sunday, November 3rd.

Once we close enrollment on August 2, 2019, that’s it for the quarter.  And possibly until January 2020.  

What’s the cost?

Trainers Growth Group is about committment to your goals and your business.  For this reason, it is a quarterly membership.  Month to month is not an option.

Pay in Full price for the quarter is $75.  Monthly payments are available for $30/month (this is a recurring payment).

Together, we can accomplish more!

Join other highly ambitious dog trainers like yourself on this journey of entrepreneurship.

Enrollment for Trainers Business Growth Group is currently closed.

Join the waitlist below to be the first to know when we open again. 

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